National Semiconductor LM7805 LM341 datasheet pdf

Микросхема LM7805 LM78M05 стабилизатор напряжения datasheet PDF

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VOLTAGE REGULATOR LM341 LM78M05 LM7805, скачать datasheet PDF

The LM341 and LM78MXX series of three-terminal positive voltage regulators employ built-in current limiting, thermal shutdown, and safe-operating area protection which makes them virtually immune to damage from output overloads. With adequate heatsinking, they can deliver in excess of 0.5A output current. Typical applications would include local (on-card) regulators which can eliminate the noise and degraded performance associated with single-point regulation.

National Semiconductor LM341 LM7805 LM7805 VOLTAGE REGULATOR PDF download datasheet скачать circuit документация